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Paul Tickner first came to Tanzania to work on an elephant project in the local communities around Ruaha national park. It wasn't long before he decided that more people should come to Ruaha, because it was a special place, but also because it would help local communities and wildlife together. Not long afterwards some unfortunate folks thought that Paul would be the right person to take them on safari, and so Paul Tickner Safaris was born. 

Today we send our guests all over Tanzania and beyond, although Ruaha and southern Tanzania remains our home patch. Safaris of the highest standard that work for people, landscapes and wildlife continue to be at the heart of what we do.


Below are links to some excellent organisations and friends of ours working in Tanzania and the Ruaha area. Paul Tickner Safaris also supports the Mkuyu Guide School, which you can read about here.

Please contact us if you would like to donate to, learn more about or even visit some of these projects. We can advise on philanthropy decisions and some of our guests like to donate a percentage of their safari to a chosen cause.

The Wildlife Connection works to reduce human-elephant conflict in the communities surrounding Ruaha national park and improve the perception of wildlife; using education programs in schools and innovative beehive fences that protect farms from raiding elephants and allow farmers to harvest honey. Wildlife Connection and Paul Tickner Safaris are partnering on unique concept safaris where you can experience real conservation work and enjoy a private guided safari. 

PAMS Foundation expanding their reach in Tanzania, the PAMS team are bringing their relentless work ethic to Ruaha to combat poaching and support conservation.

Ruaha Carnivore Project does exactly what it says on the tin, looking after one of the largest remaining populations of lions left in Africa. Paul Tickner Safaris can organise visits to learn about RCP's projects, the Lion Guardians, cattle bomas, Anatolian sheep dogs and more.

Southern Tanzania Elephant Program STEP provides aerial and technical support to anti-poaching, does elephant monitoring and research, and works with local farmers affected by elephants, in the Ruaha-Rungwa and Udzungwa-Selous ecosystems.

Wild Aid are targeting the root of the problem, reducing demand for ivory and other illegal wildlife products in China and the far east with highly effective advertising campaigns. Thankfully, they have just launched a public awareness campaign here in Tanzania.

Seasense Looking after whale sharks, turtles, local communities and all the other amazing things one can find on the Tanzanian islands and coast.

Vikapu Bomba is a new community project close to Iringa that supports local women by selling their baskets all over Tanzania and internationally. You can visit them and try your hand at basket weaving when passing through Iringa.

Neema Crafts gives disabled people employment and education opportunities from their cafe/guesthouse/workshop in Iringa. Their products are now for sale in the UK and beyond. The coffee is great and so is the chocolate cake, a must stop if you are ever in Iringa.

If you are concerned about your carbon footprint flying over to Tanzania, you can offset your emissions with Carbon Tanzania.


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